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Setting Up a PT PMA in Indonesia: A Foreign Investor’s Guide

In this article we lay out the steps for setting up a foreign-owned legal entity in Indonesia.

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Navigating the Discontinuation of Wise's eWallet Service in Indonesia

Wise is discontinuing its eWallet service in Indonesia, effective May 23, 2024, prompting customers to seek alternative payment solutions. Smart Advisory Solutions (SAS) offers guidance on alternative services, regulatory compliance, and financial strategies to help navigate this transition.

Minimum Salary in Indonesia (2023)

Minimum Salary in Indonesia According to the Indonesian Ministry of Labour, no worker in Indonesia can be paid less than the mandatory minimum rate of pay. Should an employer fail to comply with this regulation, the Indonesian government may apply the corresponding punishment, which can be: Minimum Wage refers to the lowest amount of money […]

Business Tax
Indonesian Personal Income Tax Declaration 

If you live in Bali, or are engaged in any business activity here, then you may well be required to file a Personal Income Tax (PIT) declaration. It is important to understand and determine your tax residency status to ensure compliance with tax laws and regulations and to optimize your tax situation...

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Corporate Income Tax (CIT) in Indonesia

In Indonesia, taxes for corporations follow a similar approach than other countries around the world. However, in order to incentivize and support entrepreneurs and the creation of new businesses, the Indonesian government provides significant advantages and benefits...

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Are you an Indonesian Tax Payer?

According to Indonesia's Tax Regulation, an individual is considered a Tax Resident in the country if one of the following conditions is fulfilled...

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