Insights into Bali's Tourism Statistics

June 6, 2024

2023 in Review

The Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, led by Minister Sandiaga Uno, is setting ambitious target of 7 million international tourists in 2024. Bali aimed to welcome 4.5 million international tourists in 2023, a goal nearly achieved by the end of October and well surpassed by the end of the year, reaching a total of 5,273,258 foreign visitors to Bali.

Data collected from the Central Bureau of Statistics

Australia, India, South Korea, and Singapore markets were consistent top contributors to Bali's foreign tourist visits in 2023. China's contribution, percentage wise, grew steadily and significantly throughout the year, a trend that continues into the first four months of 2024.

2024 Insights on Tourism in Bali

Tourism in Bali is off to a strong start in achieving the Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy's goal set for 7 million foreign tourist visitors in 2024. In the January – April 2024 period, there were 1,847,735 foreign tourists visiting Bali. When compared to the January – April 2023 period, the number of foreign tourists increased by 28.54%.  

Data collected from the Central Bureau of Statistics

In April 2024, Bali welcomed 503,194 foreign tourist visitors, an increase of 7.24% compared to the previous month which recorded 469,227 visitors. Tourists from Australia continue to dominate the arrival of foreign tourists to Bali in April 2024 with a share of 23.35%, followed by tourists from India (8.78%), China (6.98%), France (5.24%), and the United Kingdom (4.93%). Of the top 10 foreign tourist arrivals, foreign tourists from France recorded the highest increase from the previous month, with an increase of +94.22%. 

Data collected from the Central Bureau of Statistics

China was the top spender on travel abroad in 2023, reaching USD 196.5 billion, according to TravelDailyNews Asia Pacific, followed by the United States (USD 150 billion), Germany (USD 112 billion), the United Kingdom (USD 110 billion) and France (USD 49 billion). Rounding out the top ten spenders for 2023 are Canada, Italy, India, the Russian Federation, and the Republic of Korea. Notable is India's jump to 8th place, up from 14th in 2019, affirming the growing importance of the country as a source market.

In an interview with TravelDailyNews Asia Pacific, Olivier Ponti, Director of Intelligence and Marketing for ForwardKeys, mentioned a notable improvement in Chinese travel demand, with an evident upward trend that signals a positive trajectory for the rest of the year. When it comes to strategic market targeting, Ponti highlighted India's significant potential as a source market. Between the country's strong economy and an eager middle class, the Indian market proves to be an attractive target for destinations worldwide.

Airbnb has unveiled the latest trends shaping summer travel preferences among Indian travellers, emphasizing a growing interest in immersive experiences beyond traditional accommodations. The Future of Travel Report released by Finn Partners explores the ways in which the travel industry is being reshaped by Young Indian Globetrotters. Driven by impulsiveness, a desire to spend, and a quest for unique, they are revealing themselves as a powerful influence in the global travel market. The report gives valuable insights on the opportunities for businesses in the hospitality and travel industries to tailor their offerings to attract this growing market.


In conclusion, 2023 was a landmark year for tourism in Bali, with impressive post-pandemic growth and significant milestones achieved. The strong showing from key markets such as Australia, India, South Korea and Singapore, along with the notable rise in visitors from China, underscores Bali's appeal as a top international destination.

The momentum continues into 2024, with an impressive increase in foreign tourist arrivals in the first four months, signalling a strong start toward achieving this year's goal of 7 million international tourists.

As Bali continues to build on this success, the focus on understanding and catering to evolving travel preferences will be crucial in maintaining growth and ensuring the country remains a top destination for international tourists.

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Insights into Bali's Tourism Statistics

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