Demystifying Building Permits in Bali

July 1, 2024

Embarking on a construction project in Bali, Indonesia? Whether you're a local entrepreneur or a foreign investor, understanding the intricacies of building permits is essential. Here’s a comprehensive look at Building Construction Permits, known as Persetujuan Bangunan Gedung (PBG), and Building Feasibility Certificates, known as Sertifikat Laik Fungsi (SLF), facilitated by the Sistem Informasi Managemen Bangunan Gedung, or SIMBG system. 

What is SIMBG? 

SIMBG, or Building Information Management System, is an innovative online platform designed to streamline the licensing process for building management in Indonesia. It aims to standardize procedures, making the application process more efficient and transparent. 

Decoding PBG: Building Construction Permit 

A PBG is your ticket to starting any new construction, modification, expansion, reduction, or maintenance project. This building construction permit ensures that all building activities adhere to the technical standards set by local governments. 

Steps to Obtain a PBG: 

  1. Registration: 
  1. File Verification: 
  • Submit your documents for verification (this typically takes 1-2 days). 
  1. Technical Consultation Meeting: 
  • Engage in a technical consultation with a Professional Team of Experts, or Tim Profesi Ahli (TPA) and/or a Technical Assessment Team, or Tim Penilai Teknis (TPT), either in person or via Zoom. 
  1. Compliance Certification: 
  • Secure a letter of compliance with technical standards from the Head of Department, Ministry of Public Works and Housing. 
  1. Issuance and Payment: 
  • Receive your Surat Ketetapan Restribusi Daerah (SKRD), make the necessary retribution payments, and finally, get your PBG. 

Required Documents for PBG: 

Land Data: 

  • Land certificate 
  • Land Use Permit 
  • Land and building tax payment receipt 
  • Site border drawing 
  • Soil test document 

General Data: 

  • Identity information (KITAS/KITAP) 
  • Spatial planning provisions (ITR/KRK/KKPR) 
  • Environmental documents 
  • Consultant or expert data and employment contract (mandatory for foreigners) 

Architectural Plans: 

  • Architectural drawings 
  • Architectural specifications 

Structural Plans: 

  • Structural analysis 
  • Structural drawing 
  • Structure spesification 

MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing) Data: 

  • MEP analysis 
  • Electricty system drawing 
  • Lightning protection system drawing 
  • Data and communication system drawing 
  • Security system drawing 
  • Plumbing and sanitation system drawing 
  • Fire protection system drawing 
  • Air conditioning system drawing 
  • MEP specification 

SLF: Ensuring Building Feasibility 

Before any building can be used it must receive an SLF, which certifies its functional suitability. This certificate is issued by the Regional Government. 

Steps to Obtain an SLF: 

  1. Registration: 
  1. File Verification: 
  • Have your documents checked for completeness. 
  1. Technical Consultation: 
  • Attend a technical consultation meeting with TPA/TPT. 
  1. Compliance Certification: 
  • Obtain a compliance letter from the relevant department head (if you already have a PBG). 
  1. Issuance and Payment: 
  • Receive your SKRD, make the necessary retribution payments, and obtain your SLF and PBG (or just SLF if PBG is already secured). 
  1. Retribution Calculation: 
  • If you do not have a PBG. 

Required Documents for SLF: 

Architectural Data: 

  • Architecture asbuilt drawing 
  • Architecture spesification 

Structural Data: 

  • Structure analysis 
  • Structural asbuilt drawing 
  • Structure spesification 

Building Technical Data: 

  • Building feasability report 
  • Asbuilt drawing (Architectural, structural, and MEP) 
  • Technical review consultant or experts data and employment contract (mandatory for foreigners) 

Additional Insights: 

  • SBKBG (Surat Bukti Kepemilikan Bangunan Gedung): This document serves as proof of building ownership and rights. 
  • NIB: Located on the land certificate (can use the last 5 digits of the code to check land in Batara website). 
  • Foreign Ownership: Foreigners must use a PT PMA for land ownership or can obtain a Power of Attorney for building permits if leasehold is in their personal name. 
  • Special Consultants: Buildings over 500m² require consultants with SBU certification. 
  • IMB to PBG/SLF Conversion: You can convert IMB to PBG/SLF by paying the cost difference. If the IMB expires, you must reapply from scratch. 

Understanding and complying with these regulations is crucial for the smooth execution of your building projects in Indonesia. Make sure all your documentation is in order and consult with certified professionals to navigate the permit process efficiently.  

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