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We are The Leading Professional Advisory Services Company in Bali

With sincerity, knowledge and professionalism, Smart Advisory Solutions continuously helps amazing people to build their dreams and to change the world. Your project is our priority.


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Smart Advisory Solutions was founded by 5 shareholders with deep knowledge of and responsibility for Bali and Indonesia. Bali’s founders, management, and external advisors are a diverse group from all around the world, coming from Bali, Indonesia, France, the United Kingdom, Australia, Hungary, Greece, and Italy, enriching us through cultural and intellectual differences.
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Our History

Smart Advisory Solutions was founded in 2018 by 3 friends and colleagues with the vision of becoming the leading advisory firm in Bali.
Established in Canggu, Bali, Indonesia. Started with only 5 employees.
Reached 25 employees.
Digitalization of our Services and customer journey.
Reached 50 employees.
New Headhunting and HR Management services.
Reached 60 employees and more than two hundred clients from all over the world. Extension of our office location in Berawa.
Reached over 100 employees and more than 350 clients.
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